Friends of Gramps

These are just a few websites I would like to recommend that you check out.

Kelowna Wedding Videos – Planning an upcoming wedding? Looking for a wedding videographer in Kelowna, BC? Please consider me! Click the link to see samples of my work and my rate sheet. Thank you.

Mike Burke – This is a personal web page where I showcase some of the freelance writing I have done. I also have samples of some of the videos I have produced.

Kcup Recycling – Kelowna – Do you love Keurig kcups but feel guilty about the waste? I run a recycling and composing business that makes sure these kcups never make it to the landfill. Click the link to find out more.

Green Office Okanagan – This is an office composting service. I provide the office with an organic waste bin and I pick up the waste once a week. The waste is composted and never goes to the landfill. 

Caveman Ice Cream – This is an ice cream truck that operates in Kelowna. We sell Mini Melts as well as Foothills hard ice cream. We can be found throughout Kelowna in the Spring and Summer.