5 Ways Kids are Better Than Adults!

Due to the nature of my work I get to hang out with kids quite a bit. As a result I have noticed a number of ways that kids are way better than adults! Sure, they can’t drive a car or walk in to a casino or liquor store but there are way more important things they have completely nailed. It’s just sad that at some point during their growing up they lose these awesome traits. Here are 5 in particular that I admire the most…..

Compliments come often and freely: If a kid thinks your jacket is cool, your hair looks nice or you are funny they will tell you without any hesitation. They don’t hold back what they are feeling or thinking. Getting a compliment from a kid is great because you know they genuinely mean what they are saying and they don’t have some kind of hidden agenda.

They forgive quickly: Kids fight and argue all the time. Their feelings get hurt, they get mad when someone is playing unfair, and they have no problem tattling to an adult when they see someone breaking the rules. However, once the problem has been addressed they let it go. They can go from being mad at someone to sharing their toys with that same person in a matter of seconds. To me that’s a super-power. Being able to forgive and let go that quickly and easily.

A kid’s main goal is having fun: Kids can have fun almost anywhere. Most boys are in heaven with a pile of rocks or a mud puddle. They don’t always need fancy toys to enjoy themselves. Kids can create fun in almost any environment they find themselves in. Their brains seemed wired to find fun things to do. It’s one of their top priorities.

Young kids are really bad a lying: Getting the truth out of a kid is a pretty easy job. Most haven’t learned how to lie properly yet and it is so refreshing. They are not trying to out-think you or come up with some elaborate story, they simply tell you what happened or what they are feeling.

Kids know how to express themselves: If a kid likes unicorns you can tell instantly because their backpack has unicorns all over it, their tshirt has a unicorn on it and their hat has a unicorn horn coming out the top! The same is true of whatever super hero they like, what TV show they like or what sport they enjoy. In the same way, if a kid wakes up one morning and thinks it would be fun to wear a cowboy hat to school, guess what?, they’ll show up at school wearing that hat. They don’t second-guess their thoughts or wonder how the other kids will respond (not until they get a little older anyway). They are free of all that nonsense!

As adults we have walked away from all those these great traits but we can easily resurrect them. We can awaken the little kid traits that still live deep within us. We just need to let go of our fear and get back in touch with the little cool kid we used to be.

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